New Year’s 

   In a few days the New Year will be upon us, a brand new page in life.

   I know for me I look forward to the fresh start and the excitement on going after my dreams with God.

    As I look towards the possibilities my goal is to be more intentional on my time with God , my writing and spending time with family as well as friends.

     As the pages unfold in this new chapter in life keep turning the page forward in the story, do not look back at what you previously read that keeps the story from progressing. 

   Allow the story to unfold and let God amaze you with each turn of the page.



definition: Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Just  the sound of the word makes me feel exhausted, tell me the truth now doesn’t the thought of doing something despite difficulty just puts a bad taste in your mouth? I know it does for me.

Look a Thomas Edison for example. Now here is a man who despite constant failure finally figured out the right material for the  light bulb, he didn’t give up he persevered.

Lets take that word to another level. Philippians 4:13 says  “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength”

So with that thought in mind Perseverance really don’t look that bad at all. Our difficulties look like child’s play now that we grasp Christ as our strength and our success is inevitable.

This is no free pass to slack off but a call to act on who we were called to be. Will you stay in the comfort of your boat or will you heed the call and walk on water?





Photography by Yelizaveta Semerik

A friend of mine sent me a picture of this caterpillar she saw on her walk.  I was then reminded that one time I was like that caterpillar. Crawling around with my face in the dirt, wallowing in self pity and regret.

Then one day the caterpillar went into a cocoon, for me that reminds me of my encounter with God and he revealed to me my true identity, it took me time to grasp the concept of who I really am in His eyes.

    Finally I broke free like the caterpillar from it’s cocoon, it spread it’s wings and flew  free from it’s prison.

   The beauty that He sees in me is fully displayed glorifying Him. I fly freely never to return to my former self.

   You never see the butterfly return to it’s cocoon because it is no longer part of it’s identity. Just like my old nature on how I viewed myself no longer exists, it has faded away and I now embrace my new nature.

2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT

 This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

What is going on?

  When I first heard that J.K Simmons joined the cast  of The up and coming Justice League movie as Comisioner Gordon I thought to myself “oh cool”
    Now I hear there is rumors of Michael Keaton joining the cast for the Spider-Man Homecoming movie movie as an unconfirmed villain and to top it all off Willem Dafoe has now joined ranks with the Justice League camp.
     So all we need now is Toby Mcquire and Kirsten Dunst to switch over to DC and have Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger and Billy Dee Williams to do a Marvel movie. Just a suggestion


Loot Crate

This evening while I was getting ready for bed I was looking at my collection of items that I received from Loot Crate.  Let me tell you something. I have a lot and it dawned on me. Nine months have passed since my first crate, the theme was Cyber and the Prime shirt had me at hello.

For those that don’t know Loot Crate is a subscription based company that sends you items based on a theme, each month is a different theme filled with  nerdy goodness.

I have been getting some amazing items from t-shits to Funko Pops. It was Loot Crate that got me into Pops honestly.  I will speak of my growing collection another time.

In the course of almost a year I must say for 20 dollars a month I have been getting my moneys worth in every box. (except for summon. I will leave it at that). So I loved all but one crate. For me that’s a good track record.

I have a link to Loot Crates website if you are curious. Next months theme is Quest noy sure what to expect but i do plan on being surprised.


   No I’m not speaking of that amazing candy that sends you to a sugar coma.
    I speak of a select few that I believe makes this great nation and world go round. We are the ones that dress like our favorite characters in comics games and even movies. ( I haven’t ventured into that realm.. Yet)
    We are passionate about Marvel and or DC universes.
There have been wars on who is better. ( verbal wars, all I can say is it’s OK to love both.)
    Yes we are a strange bunch and we also fit at the same time. We are masters of information, the encyclopedia of media if you will. If we don’t have the answer believe me we will find out in a comic book or ask a fellow nerd.
    If I had a dollar for each time I was asked a question about a character or certain event that happens in a comic movie believe me I would be a very rich man right now.
    There are times I don’t have an answer but I research and discover. At times I find myself loving the character.
   So yeah this is my life in a nutshell and I love every moment of it.

My revelation on pain and God.

    I have this memory when I was a child, I was at the store with my mom holding her hand until something caught my attention and I let go towards my new found affection.
     In the small moment in time i no longer notice my mom. In that split second a crowd of people blocked my view of her.
      I turn to find her and she is not there. Then that pitted feeling sets in. I’m lost
I begin to cry and walk around trying in vain to find her when all awhile she was right there but I move the other way. Tears flowing in search for her all I had to do is turn around.
      That’s when she reaches out and pulls me out of the abyss of people and distractions.
We embrace in our reunion. She urges me to never leave her side.
    This is where i bring up the point of pain and where God is when it hurts.
   Now the pain i am referring too is emotional pain, God is never that far from us when we hurt. He reaches out beckoning us to his healing embrace but like the lost child we walk the other way blind to his existence.
  All we have to do is turn around, and see the nail scared hands of our saviour. All he asks is to walk by his side and allow him to carry the burdens that weighs us down.

-Deuteronomy 31:6