No I’m not speaking of that amazing candy that sends you to a sugar coma.
    I speak of a select few that I believe makes this great nation and world go round. We are the ones that dress like our favorite characters in comics games and even movies. ( I haven’t ventured into that realm.. Yet)
    We are passionate about Marvel and or DC universes.
There have been wars on who is better. ( verbal wars, all I can say is it’s OK to love both.)
    Yes we are a strange bunch and we also fit at the same time. We are masters of information, the encyclopedia of media if you will. If we don’t have the answer believe me we will find out in a comic book or ask a fellow nerd.
    If I had a dollar for each time I was asked a question about a character or certain event that happens in a comic movie believe me I would be a very rich man right now.
    There are times I don’t have an answer but I research and discover. At times I find myself loving the character.
   So yeah this is my life in a nutshell and I love every moment of it.


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