My revelation on pain and God.

    I have this memory when I was a child, I was at the store with my mom holding her hand until something caught my attention and I let go towards my new found affection.
     In the small moment in time i no longer notice my mom. In that split second a crowd of people blocked my view of her.
      I turn to find her and she is not there. Then that pitted feeling sets in. I’m lost
I begin to cry and walk around trying in vain to find her when all awhile she was right there but I move the other way. Tears flowing in search for her all I had to do is turn around.
      That’s when she reaches out and pulls me out of the abyss of people and distractions.
We embrace in our reunion. She urges me to never leave her side.
    This is where i bring up the point of pain and where God is when it hurts.
   Now the pain i am referring too is emotional pain, God is never that far from us when we hurt. He reaches out beckoning us to his healing embrace but like the lost child we walk the other way blind to his existence.
  All we have to do is turn around, and see the nail scared hands of our saviour. All he asks is to walk by his side and allow him to carry the burdens that weighs us down.

-Deuteronomy 31:6